Handmade Fused Glass - Cornflower Wave

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Pam Peters glass waves are a lovely piece of original art to gift to someone. This wave is Cornflower the flowers in this design are in various shades of Blue. As each wave is handmade in-house at her studio in Abergele, North Wales. Every piece of glass will have a slightly different arrangement of flowers so all waves are individual to the buyer and receiver which means you can have something a little bit different to everyone else. The wave looks great on any flat windowsill allowing the light to really shine through, or on a shelf with a candle or fairy lights behind giving a more subtle glow. The advantage of being made from coloured glass is that the wave will never lose its colour and fade so it can be enjoyed forever.


This bright glass wave starts life as a rectangular hand-cut piece of clear artisan glass then painted with enamel paints to depict the grass and stems. Different coloured glass is then cut and placed on top to finish the effect before firing in a kiln at approx. 800 to fuse all the elements together. The second stage is to fire again to mould the glass into a wave. This creates this beautiful piece of original statement art.


  • Approx. W22cm x H8cm x D2.5cm, W8½" x H3" x D1"


As each glass element is handmade, no two are the same, so the wave you receive may not be exactly the same as the one pictured.


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